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The Multilingualism Working Group of the Pankow District Office’s Integration Advisory Board was initiated by members of the migrant:inner organizations because they had previously been involved with Lingua Pankow. External and non-MSO members later joined.  They have worked together to improve and promote multilingual services for all families in the district.

Their work was accompanied by our project until the end of the activities.



Goals of the working group on multilingualism:

  • Promote multilingualism in the district - in the administration and in the educational institutions - and contribute to the institutionalization of multilingualism in Pankow through offers and campaigns

  • Expertise of the migrants: Making visible multilingualism within organizations and contributing to cross-district networking

  • create non-discriminatory spaces related to multilingualism

  • promote intercultural opening of day-care centers, schools, administration and politics.

This initiative ran fromOctober 2019 to the end of 2022, when it was decidedto merge with AK Lingua Pankow. Her work is on the portal of the district integration officeuntil 2020registered. 

Important activities



  • Ecaterina Badau

  • Ali Kalanaki

  • Malgorzata Symonowicz

  • Elena Levina (Karussell eV)

  • María del Carmen Orbegoso (MeM eV)

  • Dr. Jacky Talonto (AffBB eV)

  • Tanja Eichenauer


External members:


  • Monika Rebitzki (Pankow helps)

  • Monica Bergen

  • Ilaria Bucchioni (bocconcini di cultura eV)

Minutes 2021

February 2021

May 2021

Sep 2021

December 2021


Ecaterina Badau & Marita Orbegoso Alvarez


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