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Parents of special children 
Inclusion and multilingualism in Pankow

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About Us

  • We are a group of Spanish speaking parents who want to support families with children with special needs in the process of migration and inclusion.

  • Our group was founded in 2017 with the support and guidance of MaMis en Movimiento eV.

  • Since then we have realized the importance of sharing our stories and supporting each other.


  • Through meetings where we all share our stories and learn from each other.

  • Exchange of information about bureaucratic procedures, therapies, doctors, schools, etc.

  • Help with the translation of medical reports or forms

  • But most of all we want to be a support to all parents who feel alone in this new world of disability.

Within our short term projects we have:

• Art workshops

• Walks in the forest

• Dance

• Practical and fun cooking



EvbK is part of the working group Lingua Pankow, Diversity and the AG "Open Barriers - Better Care for Refugees with Disabilities!"

Contact · Shakti Lenz

EVBK Events:

Ongoing Projects 2024

Self-help Group for Spanish-speaking Parents.

Monthly meetings to share our experiences and learn from each other. Funded by AOK.

Project "This is My Pankow": Inclusion in Our City - Research project on inclusive places in our district (Pankow). For a future where families with children with special needs feel safe and empowered to go out more often and take an active role in society, with access to resources and support for the whole family. In cooperation with La Familia Fettucini and Sources d'Espoir e.V. Financially supported by Demokratie Leben Pankow.

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