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From our decolonial perspective, the appreciation of multilingualism has taken on new facets and points of interest. Our support for multilingualism has expanded to include new perspectives such as the importance of spoken languages, the recognition of non-European languages and the diversity of varieties in postcolonial contexts. We also appreciate the diversity and value of local languages versus the idea of universality.


The presence of new communities offers us the opportunity to reposition the themes of migraUp in a new dimension, and multilingualism is one of them.

Declaration of Intent

We share the document that the attending organizations signed during the event honoring Lingua Pankow on October 17, 2023, at the Einstein Hall of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences.


TdM 2023 in Pankow

During the 2023 Mother Language International Day event, the idea came up to create a language map for our district, showing the diversity of languages and the people who speak them. The motivation was to make our diversity visible and thus also to show the richness of the neighborhoods for the benefit of our communities.

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Lingua Pankow

The MSOs of Pankow, in particular, are organized and active in different networks in the district - their presence has not only given color and new sounds to each neighborhood, but has brought with it new proposals, ideas, other modes of cooperation, their cultures and their languages.

Map - In ELAR.jpg

Strategic Partnership: ELAR

With all this social capital, and the strategic alliance with ELAR (, the idea of activating this idea through a project arose. The archive has the necessary know-how, as it has developed similar maps in cities with different functions and in consideration of civil society.


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Collaborative concept

In Pankow we have already started a first exchange of ideas with our Lingua Pankow communities and thus we can take the first steps towards the realization of such a project.


Collaborative concept

We report on this important process from the beginning and hope to have more news in the future.



Projekt migraUp - Sources d'Espoir e.V.

MaMis en Movimiento e.V.


Foto: With our colleagues of Lingua Pankow (ELAR. 13. June 2023).

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