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Support in the professionalization process of initiatives and migrant self-organizations

Our many years of experience in the field of consulting and companionship have helped us to develop a concept that focuses on the organization as an individual. Within this concept we try to start from the value of each organization, identify its potential and define its interests. Our primary concern is to strengthen the organization so that it can participate and make its work visible in the district.


Of course, we also support organizations in their initial phases of formation and profesionalisation (e.g. founding an association, project development and financing) and promote their synergies with other actors in the district. The core of our work, however, is the strengthening of club life and the promotion of participation at the municipal level.


Guidelines of our support offer, from a decolonial and intersectional perspective:

  • empowerment and participation

  • Intraculturality,  decolonial and emancipatory perspective 

  • Community Organizing 

  • collegial advice


What do we do specifically:

  •  Association founding process 

  • Define the requirements for founding an association

  • Providing contact information

  • Fundraising (mainly at local level)

  • Project application, documentation and creation of proof of use

  • Public Relations 

  • Danger:Aspects of association law are not dealt with by us!

  • accompaniment as a process

  • Identification of the needs of an organization

  • Suggestions for the design of management documents and protocols that can be standardized

  • Accompanying the organization in the implementation of the proposed instruments

  • Monitoring of the organization's activities and/or projects

  • monitoring meeting

  • Assistance in the planning of club projects


Areas of Competence:

  • Accompaniment of processes of supervision

  • Team building in MSOs

  • Collegial advice for teams and networking groups

  • participatory method

  • Focus: Role clarification, multiple discrimination and intersectionality, empowerment and diversity empowerment, gender and sexuality

  • Practice-oriented support for clubs

  • Multilingualism (German, English, Italian, Spanish & French)

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