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For migrant organizations, multipliers and public institutions


Our project promotes cooperation between the local administration and the Pankow migrant associations.

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  • Specialist networking is the most important offer of Migra UP! Pankow. By identifying the issues and interests of each organization as a project and organizing professional networks, the potential of intercultural opening in the district can be made visible.

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Two important tasks in the context of our cooperation with Sources d'Espoir e.V. are the monitoring of the Integration Advisory Board Pankow and the development of training proposals for the professionalization of the Pankow MSOs.

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Our many years of experience in consulting and coaching have helped to develop a concept that focuses on the individual organization. Within this concept we try to start from the value of each organization, identify its potential and define its interests.

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We want MSOs to be heard and seen on important issues, so press and public relations work is a particular focus of our work.

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