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Break down barriers and ensure participation.

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Specialist networking is the most important offer of Migra UP! Pankow. By identifying the issues and interests of each organization as a project and organizing professional networks, the potential of intercultural opening in the district can be made visible. This process begins with the self-reflection of the individual organization.  Networking between migrant organizations and other German associations, but above all cooperation with the local administration, is only possible through this self-reflection.


In eight years of project work, we have encouraged the establishment of several thematic networks in the district. Our offer also includes the supervision and maintenance of existing networks, in particular of Lingua Pankow and the AK Diversity. These networks, which are already established, offer the opportunity to include current topics in the integration policy agenda of the district.


In addition, we empower network members, promote cooperation between public administration and the Pankow MSOs and support the institutionalization of joint actions. 



What do we do specifically:

  • Coordination of the working groups Lingua Pankow and Diversity of the district: contribution of content, strategies, contacts.

  • Participation in working groups such as women's network, flight and migration

  • Support for the round table work in Pankow

  • Activation of the topic of inclusion in Pankow.

  • Building and maintaining contacts between clubs, authorities and institutions

  • Organization and implementation of events on the topic of “Diversity” 

  • Anti-discrimination work from a decolonial perspective: One of the ways to counter discrimination and racism, especially towards BIPoC - People of Color.

  • Organization of the professional exchange between MSOs and local administration (professional networking)


Areas of Competence:

  • Knowledge of social and institutional life in the district

  • Networking at local and regional level

  • Lobbying with a focus on diversity, multilingualism and education policy

  • Knowledge and experience in lobbying 

  • Knowledge and experience in the field of public policy making

  • Multilingualism (German, English, Italian, Spanish, French and Mabe)


Marita Orbegoso

Specialist networking between the MSO and the local administration


Ricke Merighi

Coordinator of the AK Diversity & Collegial Advice

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