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A driving and connecting element of our community work are networks that are based on a sense of solidarity. In Pankow we focus on the key issues of multilingualism and diversity. In addition to establishing and maintaining contacts with local associations, authorities and institutions, this involves coordinating joint events and networking meetings. Our work also creates added value in the organization and implementation of events that deal with the topic of diversity and the establishment of a new process for inclusion and integration in the labor market. Not least because we guide and coordinate the district specialist network. 

Community organizing as a local project

This means promoting collaborative actions that find expression in joint, multilingual, transcultural and mixed events between different actors. Although we promote various activities in coordination with the public administration, the basis of our proposals is born in civil society and carried to the administration when necessary.

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In Pankow

Further information to get involved.

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In Pankow

Connect with AK Diversity in the district.

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In Pankow

Network with the most important actors in the district.

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EvbK- Parents of special children

In Pankow

Network with EvbK.

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