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Sources-d’Espoir e.V.


"Sources-d'Espoir e.V." is a registered association, which has the goal to promote children and young people through music, art and sports, as well as to support people in need.

Since the foundation of the association, our goals have evolved and adapted to the needs of our society, so that these goals have been extended to other, more obvious areas.

Social and political participation for all!

For more than twelve years we have been dealing with questions concerning education, culture, integration and the promotion of participation of people with migration history in Germany as well as with the design of corresponding measures. We have been able to finance projects both in Germany and in
abroad first on a donation basis, and subsequently through the use of government funding. These include concretely
for example, the construction of an orphanage, an elementary school with a day care center, and a training campus for underage mothers and fathers in Cameroon.

We design and implement workshops on topics such as discrimination, racism, participation promotion PoC or of black people and offer readings for the promotion of native languages from all over the world.
Together with you and your target group we develop offers for consulting parents, teachers (of parents and expert in focus) and educators on global issues concerning the environment, tolerance and respect, and peaceful coexistence worldwide.

We want to enable the social participation of all and thus increase the equality of opportunity in society.

We promote youth, family and elderly counseling in general, counseling on challenges with state institutions such as in areas of child, youth, parent and family work, as well as the promotion of intercultural coexistence in the field of art and culture.


Manager:Mrs. Rachel Nangally


Sources-d'Espoir eV  "Source of hope"

  • Address: Romain-Rolland-Strasse 14-24,  13089 Berlin

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