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Barcamp “pARTicipation in Pankow”


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  • Welcome: Ms. Nina Tsonkidis (District Commissioner for Participation and Integration).

  • Greeting: Mr. Steffen Wiegleb, Deputy Head of the Pankow branch. School board for elementary schools



Introductory lectures: 

  • Multilingualism starts small!  - Speaker: Mrs. Olenka Bordo (RAA-Berlin)

  • Multilingualism in the Berlin School - What is missing in Pankow? -Speaker: Mr. Willi Stotzka


19.00 Short break

19:15 Workshops  

Workshop 1. How do the children learn with us? - Good practice examples from bilingual day-care centers with an exchange of experiences 


  • Ms. Veronica Schallnau, bilingual day care center “El mundo de los Niños'' 

  • Ms. Simone Wahl, technical adviser for the federal program “Language Daycare” at DaKS eV (umbrella association of Berlin children’s and school shops)

  • Mrs. Christina Scheike - day care center Römerweg.

Target group:  bilingual day-care centers (arch. and parents) and those who are interested
Moderator: Jacky Talonto (Multilingualism working group)  


Workshop 2. How do we find each other? -  Kita parents and school who want to set up language lessons (HSU).

  • Ms. Franziska Schön, Principal of the elementary school in the Moselle district.

  • Mrs. Thùy Luong (AG Vietnam. Example of the Barnim-Gymnasium in Berlin-Lichtenberg) 

Target group: bilingual day-care centers and interested schools and parents.

Moderation: Monika Rebitzki (Multilingualism Working Group - Pankow Integration Advisory Board)
Workshop 3. How can our day care center become multilingual? - Small steps

Speakers + moderation: 

Project Living Multilingualism

  • Mrs. Agata Koch (SCP eV) 

  • Miss Dr. Lilian Vázquez (MeM eV) 

Target group:  Monolingual day-care centers (arch. and parents).


Workshop 4. "Translanguaging in the workplace. A workshop for people from educational professions with and without migration experience, parents and anyone interested to determine their experiences and needs in relation to multilingualism in day-care centers, schools and extracurricular institutions."

  • Mrs. Petronela Bordeianu (Koopkultur eV), 

Target group:  Teachers, social workers, parents and migrants.
Moderation: Koopkultur eV 
20:15     Evaluation and exchange

21:00     End of the event 

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