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Bilingual Fairytales in Pankow


In the month of the international day of the mother tongue, we remember the day of bilingual fairytales in Pankow.
This activity was coordinated between 2016 and 2022 by our project Migra Up, AK Lingua Pankow and the 8 district libraries.

Video concept: Beatriz Rodríguez.


The Bilingual Fairy Tale Day is an initiative of the Lingua Pankow Working Group, under the coordination of the migraUp! project, and is based on the importance of telling original stories from different cultures and languages, in libraries. The project started in 2016 in cooperation with the 8 libraries of the Pankow district. From 2023, the activity is organized entirely by the libraries. 

Immigrant organizations in Pankow have been participating in this special edition since 2016 and organize fairy tales in various languages in cooperation with Pankow libraries. In Polish, Russian, Italian, Quechua, Spanish, Romanian, Vietnamese, French, Ukrainian, Mabi, Arabic, Swahili, Dari, Armenian and Greek, the fairy tales are also told in German.

The activities are free of charge. They last about 45 minutes and are conducted in two languages. 


Each year, the addition of native languages has been well received by neighbors and libraries.


Since 2018: Quechua-Spanish-German - With the women's collective MigrArte Peru.

Since 2020: Swahili-German - With the Swahili Swahili initiative.

Since 2021: Mabi-French-German - With Sources d'Espoir e.V.


** Since 2016, languages such as Dari (Afghanistan), Vietnamese and Arabic have been added.


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Programm 2018

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