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The promotion of multilingualism by the migrant organizations in Pankow is widely known and recognized in Berlin. It also influences the district's agenda in relation to participation and integration policies. A special feature is the collaborative and intercultural character in Pankow, especially through the work in networks, as in the case of AK Lingua Pankow, a network that brings together several associations and committed individuals who work for multilingualism in the educational and extracurricular area. The District Commissioner for Participation and Integration says:


"An important step was taken with the amendment of the Berlin School Law in 2021. This was another important step in recognising Berlin as an immigrant society and considering the existing linguistic diversity in the city as a resource for growing young people and therefore teaching it in schools. In this process, migrant organisations have played an important role through their tireless commitment to the visibility and importance of multilingualism in our society.".


During the mother language Day 2021, we identified a high need for information on the new framework conditions for the school registration process, in particular due to the changes in school law and the promotion of "first language - language of origin" and multilingualism in the education system. In response to this need, we have prepared the GUIDELINES FOR PARENTS' MEETINGS IN KITAS BEFORE SCHOOL REGISTRATION, which is written in understandable language and is also being translated into other languages thanks to the support of Lingua Pankow. These guidelines, created by a local initiative, offer useful working aids for parents whose day-care center will soon be attending school - not only in Pankow, of course, but also in other districts. We hope that this material will be disseminated in the monolingual and bilingual day care centers and will thus accompany the decision-making process of many families.

Monika Rebitzki, Laura Gutierrez, Rachel Nangally and Marita Orbegoso.
ORGA team of the guide – Lingua Pankow

If you know another organization that supports multilingualism,

please let us know: Mobile number: 01636380397

The 2023 version of this guide is available in German, English, French, Greek, Russian, Persian, Arabic, Ukrainian, Polish, Vietnamese and Romanian. 

The 2024 edition is currently available in German, French, Spanish, English, Polish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Turkish, Kurdish and Romanian and will be updated in additional languages.

Please click on the year to access the relevant documents.

If you know of another organization that supports multilingualism, please let us know:

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